Introducing the PatientWay Electronic Wayfinding System

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Multi-floor and Multi-building navigation.

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Update maps, routes and locations with the click of a button.

Expansion Potential

PatientWay brings registration efficiency to


42 inch Wayfinding Display

42inch wayfinding Wayfinding 

PatientWay Wayfinding


wayfinding icon Wayfinding Wayfinding

With the PatientWay Kiosk Wayfinding solution, patients are able to navigate through a list of pre-determined destinations, while having the route displayed on a map in real-time. Ideal for hospitals, kiosks can be displayed at different stations, making it easy for visitors to navigate through the facility.

Locations outside of the hospital can also be viewed such as,

hotel icon Wayfinding Hotels parking icon Wayfinding Parking restaurant icon Wayfinding Restaurants, etc

wayfinding icon Wayfinding Editing Wayfinding Routes

The routes within the Wayfinding solution can be edited at anytime through a friendly admin interface. An administrator can simply reposition the destination points, and the routes will be updated in real-time. New maps can be added at anytime using an intuitive image uploader application.

wayfinding icon Wayfinding Additional Wayfinding Features

The Wayfinding solution can support multi level maps, as well as the option of printing maps from the kiosk. Our Wayfinding solution can also be integrated with our patient pre-registration system, which will allow patients to become familiar with the hospital before arrival.

edit maps Wayfinding 

Wayfinding Admin Interface


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The PatientWay team is passionate about two things: healthcare and technology. It is this passion that drives our goal to increase patient satisfaction and bring measurable efficiencies to the healthcare system. Read more about us and the PatientWay Access Management Platform.

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