Using IT to Transform Care Models from ‘Registration to Welcome™ to be presented jointly by Southlake and PatientWay at itHealthcare Canada Conference in Toronto

Innovative Cost-Saving Strategy Featured at Healthcare IT Conference

OTTAWA, ON, May 31, 2010 - PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence announced today in Ottawa, that he will be joining Judy Dewsbury, Manager of Patient Access from Southlake Regional Health Centre, to present at the inaugural itHealthcare Canada conference October 4-6 in Toronto. Judy’s public presentation will be entitled: Using IT to Transform Care Models from ‘Registration to Welcome’. As the vendor that implemented this solution, PatientWay will be joining Judy to contribute to her presentation at 11:30 AM on Oct 5, 2010 at The International Centre.

In this educational program Judy will describe her approach to change management and touch on key elements of her successful project. Through the centralization of patient registration and scheduling, introduction of web-based electronic pre-registration, and confirmation of registration through kiosks at main entry points into the hospital has allowed Southlake Regional Health Centre to streamline the patient’s first few minutes at the hospital to allow them to quickly proceed to their point of care.

Southlake Regional Health Centre is a community hospital located in Newmarket, Ontario, a designated high growth region of the province. To meet the rapidly rising volume of ER, out patient, diagnostic, and inpatient visits Southlake needed to adopt an innovative strategy to streamline patient scheduling and registration. Today when a patient needs to visit Southlake they are able to register for their visit online, in the privacy of their own home. When they arrive at the hospital they visit a touch screen kiosk located at one of three welcome centres in the hospital. At this kiosk they swipe their health-card and confirm their personal and visit information.

At the end of the kiosk check-in process the patient is given navigational instructions to their clinic. While a patient is en-route to their appointment the required paperwork is automatically printed in their clinical area. When the patient arrives at the clinical area their experience is “Welcome, we have been expecting you.” Examples of patient feedback from this improved registration flow: “I really like the new system, it’s definitely the way to go. It’s simple to use, it’s quick and everything’s done online so there’s no paperwork or waiting in line.” and “I out was of the hospital and on my way 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment was due.”

PatientWay is pleased to have helped Southlake achieve a 30% Reduction in registration staff, 50% reduction in registration data errors, and a dramatic reduction in patient registration wait times with their new care model.

About PatientWay and Infonium Inc.:

The PatientWay Access Management Platform™ streamlines the requisition, scheduling and registration of patients at hospitals. PatientWay is a modular software suite that integrates with legacy hospital systems. Today large numbers of faxes, letters and telephone calls are required to refer and schedule patients for procedures such as diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, etc.) and out patient surgery. PatientWay delivers value through clerical time savings for every patient it handles. Improved patient experience is created by reducing wait times and providing a self-service option. In the emergency department PatientWay reduces staff workload and patient wait times. As a complete solution provider, PatientWay provides kiosk hardware and process improvement and implementation services. PatientWay’s parent company develops, operates and maintain’s Ontario’s health system reporting system which is used by over 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

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