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It’s true, patients can register from home!

Written by Jay Lawrence on February 27th, 2011. Posted in Hospital information systems, Hospital process redesign, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service

oldPersonSelfRegistration Its true, patients can register from home! If you speak with our sales team, February was our busiest month yet in terms of presentations to hospital administrators and clinicians across Ontario and parts of the U.S.  They have quickly become PowerPoint experts, and have built-up a few muscles along the way by moving our demo kiosk through long hallways, busy parking lots and narrow staircases.

So in an effort to support our sales team, we will bring more product demos online to allow anyone to get a closer look at the different components of the PatientWay Access Management Platform.  Our sales team won’t cut back on their travel miles, but we hope that these product videos will make it a little easier to reach more people.

PatientWay PreReg Kiosk Workflow Its true, patients can register from home!

PatientWay How It Work Diagram

With this initial video, we take a closer look at the PatientWay PreReg application, that enables patients to pre-register online for their appointments (see the part of the improved process highlighted in red).  If you find the video interesting, come back often to our blog or YouTube page to see the latest videos…or better yet, give our friendly (and in-shape) sales folks a call.

PatientWay PreReg – Instructional Video

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