We make it easy for patients to participate

PreRegistration To Check-In

Registration From Home

Patient completes friendly web form to preregister and staff reviews and approves demographics.

Appointment Reminder

Patient receives timely reminder of their upcoming appointment

Check In On Arrival

Like the airport, patient does a self check-in and validates information at
a kiosk.

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We can bring measurable cost and time savings to your organization while increasing staff and patient satisfaction.

PatientWay Alert

PreRegistration Alert

About The Software

PatientWay Alerts is a fully automated system which connects to all hospital department registration systems to see if a new patient matches a criteria, such as currently receiving home care services from their local community care provider. When a match is made, the hospital department staff, as well as partners in question, such as the community care provider, are all notified automatically in real-time.

Multiple Users Multiple Users Reports Reports
 Security Security Patient Matching Patient Matching

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Enhancing the Patient Experience for Hospitals

Number of scheduled visits per year:
Less than 50,000
50,000 - 100,000
More than 100,000

Selected Consulting:
Basic process consulting
Standard process consulting
Extended process consulting

Selected Software:
PatientWay Kiosk: Check-In and Registration
PatientWay Kiosk: Wayfinding
PatientWay Pre-Registration

Selected Hardware:
Pedestal kiosks with 19" screen
Pedestal kiosks with 42" screen
Server Appliance - production
Server Appliance - testing
Spare Parts Kit - 19" Kiosks

Capital Purchase (Upfront payment plus annual maintenance)
License (year 1)
Maintenance (year 1 onward)
Consulting and Installation
Total Year 1
Total Year 2
Managed Services (Montly payment)
Year 1 payment per month
After Year 1 payment per month

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