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Welcome to the PatientWay blog!

Written by Jay Lawrence on February 8th, 2011. Posted in PatientWay

images Welcome to the PatientWay blog!Our team is passionate about two things: healthcare and technology.  It is this passion that drives our goal to bring measurable efficiencies to the healthcare system.

So why a PatientWay blog?

Well for starters, we have a lot to stay on how the healthcare system can be enhanced, notably the flow of patient information from primary care to hospitals.  Our goal for the blog is to share our insight and experiences, and engage people who are stakeholders and/or work in the healthcare system to participate in the conversation.   So we hope that you will find our blog posts to be interesting and thought provoking, and that they will compel you to participate by leaving comments.

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

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