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Hospital Wayfinding concerns the Globe and Mail

Written by Jay Lawrence on February 3rd, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital kiosk, Hospital process redesign, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service

The issue of Wayfinding within North American hospitals was brought up by The Globe and Mail this week.  The article uncovers that providing self-service technologies is as important for patient satisfaction as proper patient care.

North American Hospitals were very often built piece-meal with no overarching design – and long before the concept of patient-centered design, as Carly Weeks points out.  Hospitals are not necessarily at fault in this, it is just that they have evolved over time. But Wayfinding today is proving difficult for patients, families, and even staff members in properly locating a desired clinic, patient, or wing.

Traditional static maps are a starting point for navigating a complex building structure. Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks however, provide an appropriate platform for today’s world.  Self-service wayfinding is a simple and instinctually designed platform created and built to increase patient satisfaction. This is an ever-growing need as even the elderly and infirm start to become well versed in smart technology.

Redesigning North American hospitals with patient-centered architectural design may not be likely or feasible but hospitals that choose to deploy Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks will see the opportunity to set patient satisfaction to a higher standard.

Sunnybrook looks to enhance the patient experience with PatientWay kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on April 19th, 2011. Posted in Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay

Sunnybrook Sunnybrook looks to enhance the patient experience with PatientWay kiosks

The Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, one of Canada’s largest hospitals, has entered into an agreement with PatientWay to introduce self-service kiosks across the hospital. The touchscreen kiosks will feature PatientWay’s Wayfinding solution, which will make it easy for visitor’s to navigate through the hospital.

We are excited to be working with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. As a recognized leader in patient care, it’s an ideal site for showcasing PatientWay technology and expertise in hospital process improvement”, says PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence. “Our Kiosks will help Sunnybrook to further position itself as the premier centre of excellence for patient care in Canada.

With the PatientWay Kiosk Wayfinding solution, patients will be able to navigate through a list of pre-determined destinations, while having the route displayed on the touchscreen in real time. Kiosks will be displayed at different stations around the hospital and patients will have the ability to view their route at any of these stations.  In addition, directions to services outside of the hospital such as parking and restaurants will also be available.

Sarina Cheng, Director Health Data Resources & Information and Telecommunication Services at Sunnybrook, comments “Today, Consumers are accustomed to online access as a convenient way to look up information when completing day to day tasks. The trend towards self service options in health care is on the rise. With Patient Way’s self service technology and kiosks for wayfinding, self check in and self registration Sunnybrook will enhance and continue to support the patient and visitor experience to provide the best possible service and satisfaction when visiting our hospital”.

PatientWay Kiosks, which have been installed in several hospitals including Southlake Regional Health Centre, the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, the Kemptville District Hospital and the Campbellford Memorial Hospital to deliver services from patient self check-in to satisfaction surveys, will be installed at Sunnybrook this Fall, making wayfinding maps available to its visitors as a starter. A key feature of the product is that Sunnybrook will be able to easily change their wayfinding routes on their own when necessary.

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