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The Three Elements of Hospital Electronic Wayfinding Software – Part 1: Accessible

Written by Jay Lawrence on January 13th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare, Healthcare Technology, Hospital Wayfinding, Patient Access Services, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service

To summarize what we discussed last week, wayfinding is the art of using visual information to navigate and experience a new environment with reference to pathways, signage, landmarks and other visual cues.

Given clear, consistent cues, a patient-user should be able to navigate a hospital effortlessly. These cues should be Accessible, Simple and Purposeful, which are the three elements of wayfinding.

Element of Wayfinding #1: Accessible – We are all unique in our approach to problem solving; this should be reflected in an interactive wayfinding system. Multiple access point functions decrease frustration and increase adoption rates. Our top three user-satisfaction accessibility requirements:

  • Universally interpreted symbols to break barriers of language and capability. A young child can understand a bathroom symbol as young as four years old.
  • Intuitive design so that all users understand how to navigate every screen and back again to the main landing page.
  • Compliance in consideration of patient-users whom have disabilities either visually or physically -large print and ADA compliance are essential.

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