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St. Joseph’s pilots PatientWay Check-in Kiosk

Written by Jay Lawrence on November 6th, 2013. Posted in Canadian Healthcare, Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Hospital process redesign, Hospital reports, Patient Access Services, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay, Uncategorized

Here at PatientWay we are pleased to announce the launch for our latest project with St. Joseph’s Ambulatory Care Centre. At the end of October, the Toronto hospital installed a PatientWay self-registration kiosk located within their heart failure clinic. The department experiences a high rate of returning patients and guests – St. Joseph’s have seen that their kiosk will be the most valuable in high volume spaces where hospitals are in need of additional support services. The kiosk will alleviate the stress on the registration process by providing an intuitive, time-efficient, check-in process for patients. Two major benefits are satisfied patients and shorter wait times.

PatientWay is happy to receive the support from our partner healthcare communities. The check-in process is intended to be a positive experience for patients while visiting the hospital and we are happy to hear our partners feel the same way. An article reported by and tells us what managing coordinator, Greg Zeffarano thinks about their new implementation: “We encourage patients to try it and provide feedback … It’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. We want to make it as easy as possible for patients.”

Greg goes on to say that “this is a fully self-sufficient kiosk, which allows patients to register their basic information. It provides patients with the forms they need and directions on a map.”

St Joseph’s plan for the future includes installing additional kiosks at their remaining Ambulatory Care Centre clinics later this year. PatientWay is looking forward to working with St Joseph’s to ensure seamless integration and patient adoption throughout the hospital.

If your hospital is looking for a value-based solution we would like to urge you to contact PatientWay. We are very excited about this latest project and would love to work with you to help you create similar savings.

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