Southlake becomes First Cancer Centre in Ontario to Introduce Patient-Friendly Symptom and Registration Kiosk Developed by PatientWay

Southlake becomes First Cancer Centre in Ontario to Introduce Patient-Friendly Symptom and Registration Kiosk Developed by PatientWay

New system eases check-in process for patients making daily trips to the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre

(Newmarket, Ontario – Wednesday, January 12, 2011) – The Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Newmarket’s Southlake Regional Health Centre today became the first Cancer Centre in the Province of Ontario to introduce an integrated symptom and registration kiosk for patients receiving cancer treatment designed to improve the overall patient experience.

The kiosk, developed by Ottawa-based PatientWay, is designed to enable the Cancer Centre’s patients to enter a record of their symptoms at the same time as they register for the scheduled appointment. While patient registration and check-in kiosks have been widely used in other facilities for a number of years, the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre will be the first to offer an integrated check-in and symptom assessment component. The addition of the integrated kiosk will reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting to speak with a registration clerk, will facilitate accurate symptom reporting, and will improve the Cancer Team’s response to symptom management and general treatment planning.

“We are always looking for avenues to further improve the overall patient experience,” said Dr. Louis Balogh, Regional Vice President, Regional Cancer Program. “We know that cancer patients often face a long treatment plan which can, at times, require them to return to the Centre on a daily basis. By integrating the symptom assessment and check-in systems—two key functions required at each visit—we are streamlining the process for patients at each visit, thereby reducing the overall amount of time spent at the Centre.”

Representatives from the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre and PatientWay provided a live demonstration of the new kiosk to Cancer Care Ontario Vice-President Michael Sherar, who was visiting Southlake to introduce the Ontario Cancer Plan 2011-2015: A Roadmap to Ontario’s Cancer System. The implementation of the new kiosk to improve symptom reporting and check-in processes aligns with CCO’s strategic priority to “continue to assess and improve the patient experience”, as identified in CCO’s Plan.

Currently, patients at Regional Cancer Centres throughout the province are requested to give an indication of their current status, using a nine-symptom checklist, each scored on a numeric scale of 0-10. Known as the Edmonton Self-Assessment System, this is the standard approach to symptom assessment for cancer patients that has been adopted and advocated by Cancer Care Ontario.

Other centres already use kiosks to capture patient symptom information, however the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake is the first in the province to include the added convenience of the check-in component to a single machine.

The introduction of a symptom assessment through the use of a single kiosk will allow patients to record any change in symptoms, which is then automatically transmitted electronically to the patient’s health record where it may be easily viewed by all healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care. The accurate and timely transmission of the patient’s symptoms to the health record will allow staff in the Cancer Centre to anticipate the patient’s needs and if required, based on the reported symptoms, modify the day’s treatment plan. Combined with the ability to easily register for their scheduled appointment, this streamlined approach eliminates the current practice in which patients are required to complete their assessment manually and then wait to speak with a Registration Clerk to check-in for their appointment.

“PatientWay is proud to be partnering with Southlake and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre on this exciting initiative” said Jay Lawrence, CEO. “The integrated symptom and registration kiosk, powered by the PatientWay Access Management Platform, will improve the patient experience and enhance the overall delivery of care. The leadership illustrated by Dr. Balogh and the rest of the Southlake and Stronach project team will result in a new approach to how patients interact with the providers of cancer care services in the Province.”

Testing and implementation of the new kiosk is currently underway. The Stronach Regional Cancer Centre and PatientWay expect to have the kiosks operational for patient by February.

About Southlake Regional Health Centre:

Southlake Regional Health Centre is a full service Hospital with a regional, clinically advanced focus. Southlake offers 370 patient beds and accommodates approximately 71,000 emergency visits, 22,000 in-patient admissions and 300,000 out-patient visits each year. Advanced, specialty services include cardiac care, cancer care, child and adolescent eating disorders, mental health services for children, paediatrics and perinatal care, thoracic and cataract surgery, and arthritis care.

Situated on the Southlake campus, the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre opened in March 2010 as the designated cancer treatment centre for almost 1.2 million people living in York Region and south Simcoe County and provides access to the most up-to-date knowledge and practices, provincial standards, and professional development in cancer care. A full range of services including diagnostics, surgery, chemotherapy, support services, and clinical trials are provided.

About PatientWay:

PatientWay is a Canadian healthcare software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Developers of the PatientWay ™ Access Management Platform, a patient centric suite of integrated software designed to streamline the patient journey from primary care to hospital, PatientWay delivers efficiencies while improving the patients’ experience. The result – assisting organizations to deliver excellent healthcare while gaining the best value for money.

Seamlessly linking to existing hospital systems, PatientWay™ Access Management Platform minimizes the steps to request, book and admit patients to hospital. Flexible and adaptable to any hospital’s unique environment, PatientWay may be installed one module at a time or all six as a cohesive solution.

PatientWay™ Access Management Platform builds upon process improvement strategies, delivering comprehensive process improvements through internet, mobile and kiosk technology solutions. For more information, visit

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