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About The Software

PatientWay Kiosk software provides multiple benefits for both patients and healthcare organizations, including:

  • shorter wait times by eliminating the need to interact with a clerk to check-in for an appointment
  • a reduction in data errors by making it easy for patients to validate their demographic information
  • capturing pre-visit information such as symptoms and collecting patient satisfaction scores

The kiosk can also be used for many other functions including credit card transactions and hospital wayfinding maps.

Check-In Express Check-In Multilingual Multilingual
Payments Payments Check-In Wayfinding
Surveys Surveys Booking Booking
Printing Printing Reporting Reporting
Advertising Advertising

checkin icon Registration Express Check-In

Your patients can reduce their wait times by eliminating the need to interact with a clerk. With Express Check-In, patients are able to quickly and conveniently check-in at a kiosk terminal. Following pre-registration from home (optional), the patient’s health card is validated at the kiosk, and their appointment is confirmed in your ADT system. From there, the patient can make their way directly to the clinic.

multilingual icon RegistrationMultilingual

PatientWay can provide an interface for many languages, including French, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu and Chinese Mandarin. We are pleased to manage the translation work in order to provide a turnkey service. Translations are subject to a nominal fee.


payment icon RegistrationPayments

The card readers provided with PatientWay kiosks are fully capable of reading and processing credit cards. Our kiosks can read credit cards and interface with your organization’s backend payment system to perform transactions. The card readers are PCI compliant, and multiple payment types can be accepted.



kiosk Registration

Registration Screen


surveys icon Registration Surveys

With our PatientWay Kiosk Surveys, patients are able to easily answer a series of patient satisfaction questions, which are then recorded and tracked through the administrator interface. Reports can then be generated and downloaded in the format that works best for your organization.

survey Registration

Survey Interface


surveys icon Registration Editing Surveys

All surveys can be created and edited through our administrator interface. The order of the questions and the content of your surveys can be easily changed in minutes by your staff using our screen flow editor. Multiple surveys can be created and placed on the kiosks at a given time.

edit screens Registration

Editing Screen Flow

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