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About The Software

PatientWay Reminder triggers an automated voicemail, email or instant message to remind patients of their upcoming appointment, eliminating the time-consuming task of making reminder phone calls.

Reminder works with other PatientWay products to streamline your patients’ journey through the healthcare system.

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No-shows cost healthcare providers. They:

  • Reduce revenues for services such as DI and clinics
  • Underutilize staff time
  • Instill double-booking practices
  • Create staff and patient dissatisfaction

Research has shown that a reminder 48 hours before an appointment makes a significant difference.

Without Reminder With Reminder
No-show Rate 12-15% 4%
Tardiness Rate 11-14% 8%
Patient Satisfaction 30% Increase

* Scott A. Strong, M.D., The Cleveland Clinic, 2003

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checkin icon ReminderEasy configuration

PatientWay gives you an intuitive admin interface to configure your Reminder settings, including script, response tree, timing and type of channel (voicemail, email or instant messaging). Providing your patients with timely reminders and instructions for their procedures will help ensure that they are well prepared for their visit.

integrate icon Reminder Integration with scheduling systems

Tapping into your existing scheduling systems, PatientWay Reminder will contact your patients automatically with a friendly reminder of their appointment. Installed on your existing network infrastructure without costly connections with your existing phone systems, PatientWay Reminder can be up and running in a matter of days.

security icon ReminderSecurity

Reminder is tightly integrated with PatientWay PreReg, which features innovative security technology that keeps your patient’s information safeguarded. Built using SSL and robust encryption technology, PatientWay takes every effort to protect your patients’ privacy.

smartphone icon Reminder Plays nice with smartphones

Whether your patients are using an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone, your reminder will find its way to the appropriate person.

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

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