About The Software

PatientWay PreReg allows your patients to conveniently and securely pre-register for their appointments from home using the Internet. PreReg significantly reduces the amount of clerk time for each patient registration.

PreReg works with other PatientWay products, including PatientWay Reminder and Check-in Kiosk, to streamline your patients’ journey through the healthcare system.

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security icon PreReg Secure

PreReg features innovative security technology that keeps your patients’ information safeguarded until it reaches your organization. Built using SSL and robust encryption technology, PreReg takes every effort to protect your patients’ privacy.

hosting icon PreReg Hosting

PatientWay securely hosts your publicly available preregistration form. Organizations with existing servers have the option to host PatientWay PreReg within their own infrastructure.

report icon PreReg Usage Reports

Clerks are able to view the registrations in queues based on how they were submitted and their status. They are able to view the data that was submitted and make changes if necessary to increase data quality. Reports can be generated to provide several registration statistics.

adt icon PreReg ADT Integration

PreReg avoids costly and error prone data entry by communicating directly to your ADT. PreReg can communicate through HL7, APIs or direct host integration.

pre reg PreReg

PatientWay Pre-Registration

forms icon PreReg Robust Pre-Registration Forms

PreReg captures all your patients’ demographics in the format you require, and forms can be divided into logical sections. The Web forms are built in a fashion that makes them intuitive for all users, and they are customized to your hospitals look and feel.

forms PreReg

Pre-Registration Form

forms icon PreReg Smart Sections

PreReg forms have smart section logic. Many sections of a form are only required for specific cases (i.e. overnight stays, WSIB claims, etc). PreReg keeps these optional sections out of view until they are required.

wsib PreReg

Pre-Registration Smart Sections

validation PreReg

Form Validation

validation icon PreReg Extensive Validation

Every element of your preregistration forms can be validated. Rules can be simple like testing for a specific number of letters or digits, or they can be more complex like “if the city is Ottawa then the first two letters of the postal code must be K1”.

validation icon PreReg Address Validation

Improve patient communication and realize cost and time savings with a more efficient approach to address validation. PreReg is integrated with several major address validation products, and for a nominal fee PatientWay can provide an “out of the box” address validation service.

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