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About The Software

PatientWay Kiosk Software delivers self-service options to your patients. They can perform their own visit check-in, initial registration, way finding, service directory, and even make payments. PatientWay Kiosk’s flexible software offers limitless potential to what services it can offer.

Based on open standards such as HL7, J2E and able to be configured through a point-and-click interface, PatientWay kiosk is able to adapt to various work flow requirements.

Express Check-In

PatientWay’s outbound HL7 messaging is completely customizable by your organization. HL7 messages are created using intuitive templates. All versions and dialects of HL7 2 are supported.

PatientWay listens for HL7 messages. The contents of these messages are available for use in kiosk scripts. Their storage and indexing are fully customizable by your organization.

Integration with ADT and Scheduling

PatientWay Kiosk reliably communicates with your hospital’s ADT and Scheduling systems using HL7 messaging, terminal scripting or specialized interface libraries.

MEDITECH Magic out of the Box

PatientWay has built-in scripting that talks directly to MEDITECH Magic. We’ll have you up and running in no time and no need to purchase additional, costly, interfaces.

kiosk diagram Kiosk Specs

System Architecture

Check-In Queues

PatientWay tracks the patient check-ins for your clerks. At a glance, your staff can see which patients have checked in at which terminal.

queues Kiosk Specs

Check-In Queues Interface


Usage statistics, survey responses, and other information is gathered by the kiosk. Results are delivered through a point-and-click interface, downloaded to Excel as a CSV file, or stored directly into a database.

report Kiosk Specs

CSV Report

Multiple On-Screen Controls

The PatientWay Kiosk collects responses from patients through a variety of touchscreen controls.PatientWay Kiosk is multi-lingual.

controls Kiosk Specs

On-Screen Controls

Multi-terminal ready

Each kiosk terminal is fully independent and controlled from a central administration interface.

multi terminal Kiosk Specs


Interactive Screen and Flow Designer

All screens that the patient sees are defined through the user interface and may be modified at any time by your organization. Unforeseen requirements can be rapidly responded to.

Other Actions

Additional work flow actions can be created that perform specialized actions not limited to: triggering a printout, updating a database and sending an email. Specialized actions can be defined with the assistance of the PatientWay service team.

flow Kiosk Specs

Editing Screen Flow

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