The PatientWay Suite

The only way that a healthcare process redesign is going to work is by utilizing new technology - that’s what The PatientWay Suite brings to the table. We streamline patient access through web, kiosk and mobile apps. By making the patient a more active participant in the delivery of their care, healthcare organizations will quickly realize time and cost savings, while increasing staff and patient satisfaction.

Released Products

The following software products have been released and installed at several healthcare organizations.

PatientWay PreReg

p prereg Products

Enables patients to conveniently and securely pre-register for their appointments from home using the Internet. PatientWay PreReg significantly reduces the amount of clerk time and connects into your ADT information system.

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PatientWay Reminder

p reminder Products

Contacts your patients automatically with a friendly reminder of their appointment, which eliminates the need for clerks to be involved in this time-consuming task.

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PatientWay Kiosk

p kiosk Products

Allows patients to reduce their wait times by eliminating the need to interact with a clerk to check-in for an appointment. The kiosk can also be used to process credit card transactions and provide a Wayfinding solution for your hospital.

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PatientWay Alert

p alert Products

An automated system that connects to all hospital department registration systems to check if a new patient matches a criteria, such as currently receiving home care services from their local community care provider. This provides clinicians with valuable information when treating a patient, and removes the task of calling other facilities to learn more about a patient.

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Pre-release Products

A few of our software products are currently in the design phase, and we are searching for pilot sites. Take a look, and if there is a possible fit to partner with your organization, please contact us directly.

PatientWay Request

p request Products

Automates the flow of requisitions from primary care providers to hospitals. It eliminates the need to use fax, mail and phone to forward requests, and it can connect directly into your hospital’s information system.

PatientWay Schedule

p schedule Products

Enables patients to choose their own appointment time over the web from a set of pre-determined time-slots for their type of procedure. Opening-up parts of the hospital’s scheduling calendar will reduce the burden caused by phone-tagging and voicemail.

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