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PatientWay Hospital Kiosks – Keeping Up With The Jetsons

Written by Jay Lawrence on February 20th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare Technology, Hospital kiosk, Patient Access Services, Patient Self-Service

When American animation studio Hanna-Barbera created the futuristic Jetsons series set in 2062, they probably had no idea that many of their elaborate robotic contraptions and whimsical inventions would by the year 2013 seem not only commonplace, but the new technological standard. Everyday we encounter a vast array of tech gadgets, which are helping to make our lives easier, faster, and simpler, than ever before.

The rise of self-service kiosks in the travel, retail, and now healthcare industry has resulted in an object association, which will see an increase in user adoption throughout the upcoming tech-conscious generations. While many people may still prefer a human touch, there is a growing demand by travellers, customers, and patients to be provided with easy remote access to their personal information through basic administrative tasks relating to their travel, shopping, and healthcare services.

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