PatientWay™ Access Management Platform Announced by Infonium Inc.

Innovative Platform Streamlines Hospital Administration

OTTAWA, ON, May 3, 2010 - Building on over 6 years of consulting and custom development work for the Ontario government, the healthcare industry, and tapping into a team with decades of software development expertise, Infonium Inc. is pleased to announce an innovative software platform which will help healthcare systems streamline their administration and allow them to control spiralling costs.

“After several projects in Newmarket we realized that there are gaps between existing healthcare systems provided by the major vendors”, recalls CEO Jay Lawrence. “Hospitals are resorting to inefficient strategies to bridge these gaps such as having clerks or nurses rekey information from patients and other systems.”

Over a period of six months interviews were conducted with over 20 hospitals in Ontario, both large and small. This research has given Infonium a clear understanding of how it can deliver real value to resource-strapped hospitals and where are some of their major pain points.

The PatientWay™ Access Management Platform is a versatile patient-centric product which is designed from the ground up to be adaptable and responsive to different healthcare organization’s unique processes and needs. Following the patient from primary care where they are instructed to visit a hospital for a test or procedure, the PatientWay™ Access Management Platform automates the requisition, scheduling, gathering of patient demographics, reminder, visit check-in and proactive patient identification

“Although the platform is relatively new, several of our modules are already in production and others will be entering pilot this summer. We’re eager to build upon the successes of our initial projects at Southlake Regional Health Centre, as well as Central and Central West LHINs.” says PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence.

About PatientWay and Infonium Inc.:

The PatientWay™ Access Management Platform streamlines the requisition, scheduling and registration of patients at hospitals. PatientWay is a modular software suite that integrates with legacy hospital systems. Today large numbers of faxes, letters and telephone calls are required to refer and schedule patients for procedures such as diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, etc.) and out patient surgery. PatientWay delivers value through clerical time savings for every patient it handles. Improved patient experience is created by reducing wait times and providing a self-service option. In the emergency department PatientWay reduces staff workload and patient wait times. As a complete solution provider, PatientWay provides kiosk hardware and process improvement and implementation services. PatientWay’s parent company develops, operates and maintain’s Ontario’s health system reporting system which is used by over 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

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