Kemptville District Hospital selects PatientWay™ Access Management Platform

Rapidly Growing Hospital in Ontario Leverages Patient Self-Service Technology

OTTAWA and KEMPTVILLE, May 31, 2010 – Kemptville District Hospital has agreed to launch a pilot project of PatientWay™ Access Management Platform, which will contribute to the hospital’s registration efficiencies and improve patient satisfaction with an Online Pre-Registration Portal and touchscreen Kiosk technologies.

“We really look forward to working with KDH on this pilot project. Kemptville District is the type of progressive and innovative hospital that has shown that it can take rapid growth in stride.” Says CEO Jay Lawrence, “Working with a hospital the size of KDH helps us to better understand the value proposition for our products in smaller Canadian healthcare facilities.”

Kemptville District Hospital serves an area south of Ottawa that has seen dramatic population growth in recent years. The area is popular with both retirees and commuters from Ottawa and is one of the fastest growing communities in the region. Striving to meet a heavier demand for healthcare services, Kemptville is building a new enlarged Emergency Department and OR that is slated to open in the fall. The PatientWay™ Access Management Platform fits in perfectly with the hospital’s expansion and modernization.

Both PatientWay Online and Kiosk will be implemented during this pilot project. The Online feature will allow patients to pre-register from the comfort of their own home up to 48 hours before an appointment, and the Kiosk function lets patients bypass the Registration desk upon arrival and check-in by swiping their health card at the touch-screen.

KDH CEO, Colin Goodfellow says “In keeping with our commitment to provide patient focused care to our community we will be offering our patients choice through an innovative self service option. Most people are already used to online banking, booking their vacations online, and checking-in for their flight at a kiosk in the airport. Now those same conveniences will be available to our patients when they come to the hospital.”

About PatientWay and Infonium Inc.:

The PatientWay™ Access Management Platform streamlines the requisition, scheduling and registration of patients at hospitals. PatientWay is a modular software suite that integrates with legacy hospital systems. Today large numbers of faxes, letters and telephone calls are required to refer and schedule patients for procedures such as diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, etc.) and out patient surgery. PatientWay delivers value through clerical time savings for every patient it handles. Improved patient experience is created by reducing wait times and providing a self-service option. In the emergency department PatientWay reduces staff workload and patient wait times. As a complete solution provider, PatientWay provides kiosk hardware and process improvement and implementation services. PatientWay’s parent company develops, operates and maintain’s Ontario’s health system reporting system which is used by over 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit

About Kemptville District Hospital:

Kemptville District Hospital is a fully accredited healthcare facility committed to building healthy communities. We offer a range of services based on advanced expertise, technologies and patient care practices. Our emergency department is open around the clock and provides prompt medical attention. Our use of new medical applications such as Tele-health and remote diagnostic imaging has made us a service leader in Eastern Ontario. Further, our surgical program provides timely access to high demand specialists, while our staff’s dedication to patients has earned us a reputation for excellence in caring. Kemptville District Hospital consistently ranks among the top hospitals in Ontario for patient satisfaction.

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