Kemptville District Hospital goes live with PatientWay technology

Rapidly growing hospital in Ontario makes self-service registration and check-in technology available to its patients

OTTAWA and KEMPTVILLE, May 16, 2011 – Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) has launched a pilot project using the PatientWay Suite of self-service technologies, which will contribute to the hospital’s registration efficiencies and improve patient satisfaction with an online pre-registration portal and touchscreen kiosks.

“We are thrilled to see the KDH pilot project go live. It’s the type of progressive and innovative hospital that has shown that it can take rapid growth in stride.” Says PatientWay CEO Jay Lawrence, “Working with a hospital the size of KDH helps us to better understand the value proposition for our products in smaller Canadian healthcare facilities.”

A patient who has an appointment with an outpatient clinic, can visit the KDH website ( and pre-register from the comfort of their own home up to 48 hours before an appointment. The kiosk lets patients bypass the registration desk upon arrival and check-in by swiping their health card at the touch-screen.

Dr. Steven Oliver, from the KDH’s orthopaedics clinic, sees the benefit of making self-service technology available to his patients. “My patients can now see me for their appointment without having to wait in line to speak with a registration clerk and complete paperwork. The new process is also good news for the staff, as it reduces line-ups in the waiting area and cuts back on the amount of data that has to be manually inputted into our information system. It’s a win-win.”.

KDH serves an area south of Ottawa that has seen dramatic population growth in recent years. The area is popular with both retirees and commuters from Ottawa and is one of the fastest growing communities in the region. Striving to meet a heavier demand for healthcare services, KHD has enlarged its facilities, including the ER and OR. The PatientWay Suite fits in perfectly with the hospital’s expansion and modernization.

KDH CEO, Colin Goodfellow says “In keeping with our commitment to provide patient focused care to our community, we will be offering our patients choice through an innovative self service option. Most people are already used to online banking, booking their vacations online, and checking-in for their flight at a kiosk in the airport. Now those same conveniences will be available to our patients when they come to the hospital.”

KDH joins several other health organizations using PatientWay technology, including Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Southlake Regional Health Centre and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre in Newmarket, and Ontario’s Central West CCAC.

About Kemptville District Hospital:

Kemptville District Hospital is a fully accredited healthcare facility committed to building healthy communities. We offer a range of services based on advanced expertise, technologies and patient care practices. Our emergency department is open around the clock and provides prompt medical attention. Our use of new medical applications such as Tele-health and remote diagnostic imaging has made us a service leader in Eastern Ontario. Further, our surgical program provides timely access to high demand specialists, while our staff’s dedication to patients has earned us a reputation for excellence in caring. Kemptville District Hospital consistently ranks among the top hospitals in Ontario for patient satisfaction.

About PatientWay™:

PatientWay’s parent company, Infonium Inc. was founded in 2000 to provide professional services to government and healthcare clients across Canada. The results of this deep experience working with the healthcare sector and developing software applications inspired the creation of PatientWay.

The workload of hospitals and other healthcare organizations is increasing from an aging population and increased utilization. Economic realities are forcing providers to do more with the same. Meanwhile, today’s patients expect to receive the same level of convenience (shorter lineups and choice of self or full service) that they are used to receiving from other industries (banking, travel, shopping, etc). The PatientWay Suite addresses this problem by bringing measurable cost and time savings to hospitals while increasing staff and patient satisfaction by introducing self-service technologies. We streamline patient access through web, kiosk and mobile apps. By making the patient a more active participant in the delivery of their care, hospitals will quickly realize time and cost savings and increased staff and patient satisfaction.

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