Judy Dewsbury Presents at Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation

Newmarket Hospital Shares Recent Success with Colleagues in Ottawa

OTTAWA, ON, Feb 17 - The Ottawa Centre For Research and Innovation hosted an IT in Healthcare luncheon at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Ottawa.  The OCRI invited Judy Dewsbury, Manager of Patient Access at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, Ontario, to present her hospital’s innovative Pre-registration and Kiosk program to OCRI members.

The topic of the OCRI luncheon was Using IT to Transform Care Models from “Registration to Welcome”

Judy Dewsbury spoke to the OCRI gathering, (which included many Ottawa area healthcare providers who were very interested in Judy’s presentation and the documented successes of Southlake’s new program), about the thought process behind putting together this new program and the challenges, obstacles and successes that were met in its implementation.

Judy explained how the hospital needed to meet an ever-growing demand for health services in a region with high population growth and increasing numbers of senior citizens.  She detailed the hospital goals of meeting these demands while facing a restricted budget and pre-existing data integrity challenges.

She illustrated how the program works, with patients having the ability to pre-register either online, or by fax or phone at least 48 hours before an appointment.  Upon arrival at the hospital, patients have the option of swiping their health card at one of several kiosks located at hospital entrances and featuring touch-screen technology, or they can visit on of the three Welcome Centres for personal service.   Once this is complete, the system lets the hospital know that the patient has arrived and is ready for the appointment.

Partnered with PatientWay,  Southlake rolled out their new program over a 6 month trial period that began in their Cataract Clinic. The program proved to be such a success that it has now been implemented throughout the hospital. Southlake proudly touts their system with the slogan of “Welcome, we have been expecting you…”

Judy indicated with her presentation materials that the hospital has not only saved on annual expenditures, but that the new system has dramatically increased the quality of their patient data and increased the caliber of the patient care experience.  Fewer staff now have access to patient data and the patient themselves are insuring the accuracy of their own information. As a result, Southlake has seen a 40% increase in data integrity. She also demonstrated that patient acceptance for the new program was very high.   Feedback from Southlake’s patients has been positive with patients indicating that they find the new system quick, efficient, and friendly.

This innovative project was also showcased at the 2009 Celebrating Innovations in Healthcare Expo in Toronto 2009.   An article also appeared in the February 2010 issue of Canadian Health Technology magazine.

PatientWay is proud to have been instrumental in the implementation and maintenance of this program and looks forward to working with local hospitals on similar projects in the near future.

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