How PatientWay Works

The workload of hospitals and healthcare providers is increasing from an aging population and increased utilization. Economic realities are forcing hospitals and healthcare providers to do more with the same. Meanwhile, today’s patients expect to receive the same level of convenience (shorter lineups and choice of self or full service) that they are used to receiving from other industries (banking, travel, shopping, etc).

Traditional Process

Central or Decentralized Registration

Improved Process

Automated Pre-Registration Model

howitworks How It Works
savings How It Works

Visit the PatientWay blog often to learn more about the measurable benefits being achieved by healthcare organizations, including the Southlake Regional Health Centre who has seen:

  1. 30% reduction in registration staff (redistributed 10 FTEs from the area of patient registrations to other functions within the hospital)
  2. 50% reduction in registration data errors
  3. 60% reduction in time to see a registration clerk
  4. Substantial reduction in the time to check-in to the hospital
  5. 72% uptake by patients
  6. $400K annual operational savings

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