Ontario Hospital to Add Registration Kiosk in the ED

Deep River & District Hospital partners with PatientWay to pilot usage of a registration kiosk in the ED

OTTAWA and DEEP RIVER, September 27, 2011 – Deep River & District Hospital (DRDH) is launching a pilot project in collaboration with PatientWay to introduce a patient self-service registration kiosk in the emergency department, freeing staff time for other responsibilities and offering patients more control and privacy.

“Patients who choose to register at the kiosk will experience more autonomy and can avoid sharing personal information in a face-to-face conversation with a non-clinician, as well as the risk of being overheard.” says DRDH CEO Larry Schruder. “The staff will also benefit, as for about 12 hours a day there is no registration staff and one or two nurses run the ER alone. During those 12 hours, self-service registration will allow the nurse to concentrate on patient care. When registration staff are on duty, the expected reduction in face-to-face registration will free time for other value-added tasks.”

PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence comments “We are excited to be working with a forward-looking hospital such as Deep River & District Hospital on this project. As a recognized leader in rural health care, Deep River is an ideal site to showcase how PatientWay can help the patient flow in the ED.
DRDH’s emergency department is already rated 4th out of 99 in the province of Ontario on three separate rating scales: overall number of positive patient response ratings; level of emotional support in delivery of care; and the level of information and education provided to patients.  It is also rated number 1 among those with more than 15,000 visits per year.

“Despite this success, they continue to look for ways to adopt technology to enhance both patient and staff satisfaction – I can’t think of a better hospital to pilot a registration kiosk in the ED” says Lawrence.

PatientWay kiosk for registrations will pre-triage visitors, providing instructions to immediately see hospital personnel for symptoms such as chest pains.  Patients not requiring urgent care will be instructed to use the touch screen kiosk to validate their provincial healthcare, demographic data and other important information that is normally captured during the registration process.

The new self-registration process is scheduled to go-live in early 2012.

For further information contact Patrick Pichette, Chief Marketing Officer, PatientWay: 1-888-786-8929 x37, ppichette@patientway.com

About Deep River & District Hospital

The Deep River and District Hospital is a rural hospital serving the population of the Upper Ottawa Valley since 1974. We provide 24 hour emergency services, active medical and specialized cardiac care services, lab and diagnostic imaging services, physiotherapy as well as, long-term care services. We are accredited with the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation and are a member of the Champlain Healthcare Network. We are also linked with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), and the Ottawa Heart Institute.

About PatientWay
The PatientWay team is building on the experience gained working with 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario since 2004. Under the name Infonium we developed and maintain the Ontario government’s most innovative and reliable accountability reporting systems. Our operational expertise combined with the insight that was gained into hospital processes and information systems led to the creation of PatientWay in 2009.

Patients are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare. By making patients a more active part of the registration and check-in process, healthcare organizations can gain significant time and cost savings, while increasing patient and staff satisfaction. We make it easy for patients to participate – that is what we do.  The PatientWay Suite streamlines patient access through web, kiosk and mobile apps.  Hospitals using PatientWay are reporting benefits such as 50% less data errors, 78% patient adoption rate and $400,000 in annual operational savings.

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