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The Elements of Hospital Wayfinding Kiosks– Part 3: Purposeful

Written by Jay Lawrence on January 27th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Hospital kiosk, Hospital process redesign, Hospital Wayfinding, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, Uncategorized

Over the last month we have talked about the elements of hospital wayfinding kiosks. Here at PatientWay we have found three elements to be of necessity to any wayfinding system, they include accessibility, simplicity and our final element:


Purposeful – What is a wayfinder kiosk system if its contents are not meaningful to a patient or visitor of the hospital? Our last two requirements must be:


  • Credibility of a system and design layout incorporates appropriate context and reliable functions for the appropriate audience. Survey results should show users liked, used, and would use the wayfinder on another occasion.
  • Usefulness of a system and design layout incorporates the capability of producing the desired and intended result effectively and in a timely matter. Landmarkings for some, written instructions to others, and a hybrid of both including verbal is sometimes needed.


We all take to navigating a hospital at our own stride and stress level. Make it easy and stress-free for the patients and visitors at your hospital or clinic.


We hope you enjoyed the Three Elements to Hospital Wayfinding Kiosks.


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