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The Elements of Hospital Wayfinding Kiosks – Part 2: Simple

Written by Jay Lawrence on January 20th, 2014. Posted in Hospital Wayfinding, Patient Access Services, Patient Self-Service

The three elements of wayfinding continued. Last week we discussed accessibility and highlighted our top three user satisfaction requirements: universal icons, intuitive design, and compliance with wheelchair accessibility standards. This week we will take a look at element two:  Simple

Simple – When the function of the hospital wayfinding kiosk is clear to its audience, it is perceived and understood as:

•      Easy to use: accessible buttons are prevalent and directions are given to the user as to not provide too much information to the user at one time. Effective communication is free of distracting and disruptive messaging.

•      Consistent: context as well as flow of information remains constant throughout the users interaction with the computer. Context is key to providing the clearest and most useful information on a consistent level of understanding to users.

Hospital Wayfinding Kiosks are mainly for patients and visitors but staff are key users and promoters of a hospital’s wayfinding kiosk. High satisfaction rates of your frontline staff will encourage them to promote the use of the system.


Next week we will examine the third element of wayfinding: Purposeful

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