Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

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On Tuesday, August 12th 2014 The Ottawa Hospital went “live” and joined the growing list of customers who are installing  Check-In and/or Wayfinding kiosks provided by the Access Management software company, PatientWay. There are many benefits seen by patients, staff and hospital administration when implementing both check-in and wayfinding kiosks…lets take a closer look at Wayfinding kiosks specifically.

 Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

The Ottawa Hospital Wayfinding & Information kiosk

It’s a fact, patients and visitors can easily get lost and frustrated in a big campus or unfamiliar hospital environment.

  • Why can’t we easily show visitors how to navigate multiple buildings?
  • Why do hospital marketing departments spend too much of their precious budget on replacing ever changing signage?
  • Why are hospital staff members hanging hand written notes over outdated signs which originally cost thousands of dollars to produce and install?
  • Why do we assume all patients and visitors are comfortable navigating in English?

Key Features of Wayfinding and Information kiosks:

  • Find your destination: Patient Rooms, Offices, Conference Rooms, Departments, Security, Pharmacy, Billing and more…
  • Find a person: Doctors, Administrators, Executive Assistants, Pharmacists, and more…
  • Locate Dining and other services
  • Multi-step printing
  • Feedback service
  • Multiple language capability
  • ADA Accessibility/compliant
  • Emergency messaging
  • Completely customizable to your hospital’s needs and requirements
  • And much, much more…

Why are more customers choosing PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosks?

The PatientWay Wayfinding module, part of the PatientWay Suite, is a patient-friendly system to obtain directions to their clinic. Hospitals constantly change so we’ve designed Wayfinding so that it is easy to update the maps, routes and destinations. PatientWay Wayfinding also provides staff and patient directories as well as helpful resources around the hospital. PatientWay’s Wayfinding Kiosks provide your patients and visitors a friendly and modern self-service resource for finding clinics, services, and staff at your hospital. Kiosks make everybody feel welcome at your hospital by working natively in up to 65 languages.

wayfinding screenshot 293 172x300 Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

Screen shot of PatientWay wayfinding software

Rouge Valley uses PatientWay to Transform Admissions

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Rouge Valley Health System is a successful two-site hospital in Scarborough, ON. Their recent purchase of PatientWay Check-in Kiosks has been a critical part of a recent transformation in their registration and admission process.

The check-in kiosks would not have been able to show this success without PatientWay’s unique integration engine to MEDITECH (in this case MAGIC v5.64). When a patient goes to check-in PatientWay software accesses the MEDITECH system to pull up patient information and relay it back to the kiosk. After the patient has confirmed the appointment and the relevant demographic details (*including their email address), the PatientWay software then “checks-in” the patient within MEDITECH.

“90% of patients say the kiosk is a great way for them to check-in, and the older population thinks they are pretty cool…”

Click the following link to view the Case Study and learn about all the benefits this solution has brought to RVHS: Rouge Valley Health System

Self-Service products will help you connect to your patients

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In a recent Becker’s Hospital Review interview, Lynn McVey, the acting President and CEO at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center stated,

“Whoever connects the patient directly to the healthcare system will win.”

With the monumental changes underway in our industry, this is truly an exciting time to be a Healthcare leader. PatientWay’s suite of self-service products will help you achieve these goals.

Self-service technologies enable hospitals to engage with their patients, increase patient satisfaction and decrease data entry errors. They allow patients to Pre-Register from home, use Check-in or Wayfinding kiosks conveniently located within the hospital, or even schedule an appointment online.
• Generate Cost Savings: Operating margins are constantly under pressure – PatientWay kiosks will reduce frontline costs and streamline registration with payback in less than a year. We also have no-risk trial options available!
• Achieve Meaningful Use: Kiosks are a quick, easy and efficient way to support Meaningful Use requirements directly; by helping you capture health information in a standardized format and using that information to engage patients and families.
• PatientWay can show real and proven results: Hospital CEO and former astronaut, David Williams, explains in a three-minute video on our website (www.patientway.com) how PatientWay is working at his hospital with 30% staff reutilization, >80% patient utilization and 50% reduction in data errors.
Patients are already using airline check-in kiosks and bank machines (ATMs) without difficulty. Isn’t time to bring the same level of service to your hospital?

VentureLab and PatientWay talk healthcare market: Hospital Kiosks

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PatientWay’s CEO, Jay Lawrence sat down with VentureLAB’s Jonathon Shore last month to discuss PatientWay’s direction for healthcare self-check-in software. PatientWay is a market leader in healthcare as one of few companies to successfully automate and capture patient-centered appointment check-in and demographics with their kiosk solution. The software company has proven itself as the self-starter that can and will set sight on capturing the gap within the market. This gap, existing between hospitals, patients, and usable self-service technology, often absent in most hospital environments.

Interest within the Canadian and U.S. industry is building once more, as the software company has installed successful patient check-in kiosks throughout various Canadian hospitals. Newly added to the list is a U.S. hospital in Detroit Michigan in which PatientWay undertook as a rescue project, and has since began developing discussions along the northeastern coast. PatientWay is taking on the challenge to help thousands of hospitals in realizing that their most underutilized resource in healthcare is their patients.

Click here to access VentureLAB’s chat with PatientWay to find out more:


Interoperable Systems: The PatientWay Hospital Kiosk

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One of the elements that make PatientWay’s products unique is our ability to interoperate seamlessly with hospital ADT systems through our custom interfaces.  Hospitals have been encouraged to have interoperability for many years, but it has been a difficult process.  At least in the Admissions process, PatientWay is now able to do this without difficulty.   Our customers have recognized the requirement of each department working in a way that standardizes communications across different clinical environments.  The results of working together like this are cleaner data, cost savings, and happier patients.


PatientWay often works as a catalyst for overall hospital interoperability because our products:


  1. Integrate with a wide range of ADT systems to send instantly patient information to the admitting department when a patient checks-in at the hospital kiosk. The checked-in appointment is then processed and sent to the appropriate clinical department.
  2. Improve data quality by asking patients to update their own demographic information in a private setting that encourages them to quickly and easily correct data.
  3. Connect patients by providing them with the ability to register from home and including simple but necessary functions like directions to parking lot, building, and clinic room for appointment.


Over 90% of patients that use PatientWay kiosks say they are great for checking-in to their appointment. Reductions in readmissions and missed appointments save both the hospital money and less time for a patient.

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

Or come to our regular Friday Webinars to find out more!