Careers At PatientWay

There are many great reasons to join PatientWay!

We always want to hear from bright people who think they're the right stuff for PatientWay. We work in conjunction with our employees to craft career paths that play to individual strengths and areas of expertise. As PatientWay grows, we will also be presenting more opportunities for those wishing to expand into strategic leadership roles.

Currently Open Positions

What’s more, our company offers fantastic features and benefits to all of our employees:

apple Careers Great Hardware

Everybody works on a Mac – so will you!

hours Careers Flexible Working Hours

This isn’t a strict 9-5 job, we can provide the necessary flexibility to help you thrive within our organization.

conference Careers Professional Development

We support professional development – conferences, learning opportunities, and more.

stock Careers Revenue Sharing

You win when we win.

medical Careers Medical/Dental

We have a flexible medical and dental benefit program that is tailored to your unique requirements.

Our Environment

Innovation and entrepreneurship are what PatientWay is all about. Everyone has a say, and out of the box thinking and new ideas are encouraged. Our office is situated close to the Glebe, walking distance from well known Ottawa restaurants. If you are in the area, Olga's Deli is a MUST!

We want you to produce the best possible work. Therefore, we promise to not lock you inside a small cubical, wearing jeans is not frowned upon, and a flexible work schedule will be yours to manage!

Are you the right stuff for PatientWay?

We are looking for motivated applicants that can work well in an open concept workspace, where our designers, marketers, developers and implementers collaborate to form a passionate team of employees. Individuals should demonstrate their ability to solve problems, engage others and bring new ideas to the table. We encourage a healthy work-life balance, but when it’s crunch-time we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves. We want nothing less than to deliver superb software and service that makes a difference.

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

Or come to our regular Friday Webinars to find out more!