Campbellford Memorial Hospital Selects PatientWay™ Access Management Platform

A Rural Health Care Leader In Ontario Leverages Patient Self-Service Technology

OTTAWA and CAMPBELLFORD, December 9, 2010 – Campbellford Memorial Hospital has agreed to launch a pilot project of PatientWay ™ Access Management Platform, which will contribute to the hospital’s registration and improve patient satisfaction with an Online Pre-Registration Portal.

PatientWay CEO, Jay Lawrence comments “We are excited to be working with Cambellford Memorial on this project. As a recognized leader in rural health care, Campbellford is an ideal site for showcasing PatientWay in Ontario.” PatientWay PreReg will be implemented during this pilot project. This is an online feature allowing patients to conveniently and securely pre-register for their appointments from home using the internet.

PatientWay PreReg is expected to reduce Campbellfords’ clerk time per patient registration, as well as streamline patients journey through the hospital. This product is a part of our Access Management Platform and is fully functional with other PatientWay products – Campbellford Memorial Hospital’s President and CEO, Kelly Isfan further comments:

“PatientWay’s PreReg product is an excellent tool to help foster an improved and more coordinated and comprehensive health care system. Hospital-based patient care and information technology issues are complex; together they can present insurmountable problems. PreReg will not only help to resolve such problems, but will provide innovation and choice to our patients. We are finding that rural residents are more tech savy these days and the convenience of pre-registering from home will be a welcome option” says Kelly Isfan. Campbellford Memorial Hospital President and CEO, Kelly Isfan, Received the Ontario Hospital Association’s Prestigious Small, Rural and Northern Award of Excellence in 2010.

About PatientWay and Infonium Inc:

PatientWay ™ Access Management Platform is a patient centric suite of integrated software that streamlines the patient journey from primary care to hospital. PatientWay delivers efficiencies while improving the patients’ experience.

Seamlessly linking to existing hospital systems, PatientWay™ Access Management Platform minimizes the steps to request, book and admit patients to hospital. Flexible and adaptable to any hospital’s unique environment, PatientWay may be installed one module at a time or all six as a cohesive solution.

PatientWay™ Access Management Platform builds upon process improvement strategies. Call now to learn how we deliver comprehensive process improvement with a technology solution, allowing you to deliver excellent healthcare while gaining the best value for money. For more information, visit

About Campbellford Memorial Hospital:

Campbellford Memorial Hospital is located in Trent Hills and serves approximately 30,000 Northumberland, Peterborough and Hastings County residents, as well as a large seasonal population of cottagers and tourists in the Kawartha Lakes Region and Trent River System. As the only hospital located between Belleville and Peterborough,CMH provides a comprehensive array of acute care services. The Hospital’s 24-hour Emergency Department has approximately 22,000 visits each year.

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