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VentureLab and PatientWay talk healthcare market: Hospital Kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on May 16th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital process redesign, Patient Self-Service, Uncategorized

PatientWay’s CEO, Jay Lawrence sat down with VentureLAB’s Jonathon Shore last month to discuss PatientWay’s direction for healthcare self-check-in software. PatientWay is a market leader in healthcare as one of few companies to successfully automate and capture patient-centered appointment check-in and demographics with their kiosk solution. The software company has proven itself as the self-starter that can and will set sight on capturing the gap within the market. This gap, existing between hospitals, patients, and usable self-service technology, often absent in most hospital environments.

Interest within the Canadian and U.S. industry is building once more, as the software company has installed successful patient check-in kiosks throughout various Canadian hospitals. Newly added to the list is a U.S. hospital in Detroit Michigan in which PatientWay undertook as a rescue project, and has since began developing discussions along the northeastern coast. PatientWay is taking on the challenge to help thousands of hospitals in realizing that their most underutilized resource in healthcare is their patients.

Click here to access VentureLAB’s chat with PatientWay to find out more:

Interoperable Systems: The PatientWay Hospital Kiosk

Written by Jay Lawrence on May 9th, 2014. Posted in Electronic medical records, Healthcare Interoperability, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Interoperable system, Patient Self-Service, Uncategorized

One of the elements that make PatientWay’s products unique is our ability to interoperate seamlessly with hospital ADT systems through our custom interfaces.  Hospitals have been encouraged to have interoperability for many years, but it has been a difficult process.  At least in the Admissions process, PatientWay is now able to do this without difficulty.   Our customers have recognized the requirement of each department working in a way that standardizes communications across different clinical environments.  The results of working together like this are cleaner data, cost savings, and happier patients.


PatientWay often works as a catalyst for overall hospital interoperability because our products:


  1. Integrate with a wide range of ADT systems to send instantly patient information to the admitting department when a patient checks-in at the hospital kiosk. The checked-in appointment is then processed and sent to the appropriate clinical department.
  2. Improve data quality by asking patients to update their own demographic information in a private setting that encourages them to quickly and easily correct data.
  3. Connect patients by providing them with the ability to register from home and including simple but necessary functions like directions to parking lot, building, and clinic room for appointment.


Over 90% of patients that use PatientWay kiosks say they are great for checking-in to their appointment. Reductions in readmissions and missed appointments save both the hospital money and less time for a patient.

Five Imperatives for IT Healthcare Providers: Hospital Check-in Kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on May 1st, 2014. Posted in Electronic medical records, Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Hospital process redesign, Hospital reports, Hospital scheduling, Patient Access Services, Patient Self-Service has published its summary of a recent report by Forrester Research, where analyst Skip Snow outlines his top five 2014 Technology Imperatives for US Healthcare Insurers. The report notes strongly that insurers and healthcare providers that focus on cleaner data and the use of cloud-based technologies are those that are going to succeed.

Forrester’s Top Five Technology Imperatives for Healthcare are: 

  1. Clean Up Your Data
  2. Invest in Customer and Patient Insight
  3. Embrace the Mobile Mind Shift
  4. Utilize Emerging Technology to Enhance Quality and Boost Efficiency
  5. Build Cloud-Based Business Networks


PatientWay’s products help Healthcare providers in many of these areas. Our Hospital Check-In Kiosks provide huge reductions in data errors for hospitals and clinics by allowing patients to input their own demographic information. Kiosks ask all of the difficult questions that manual check-in agents are afraid to ask or are too busy to ask.  PatientWay is also developing the PatientWay Appointment Manager, a cloud-based appointment setting software.  We are very excited about this product as will help hospitals with every single one of Forrester’s Technology Imperatives!


PatientWay is here to help you with your software solutions, please contact us if you would like to find out more or join us in our bi-weekly Webinars!


The New Generation of Hospital Kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on April 23rd, 2014. Posted in Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital process redesign, Hospital scheduling, Patient Access Services, Patient registrations, Patient Self-Service

In a recent article published March 25th, 2014 by Kiosk Marketplace written by Frank Olea, CEO of Olea kiosks, Frank explains that the new generation of hospital kiosks is starting to show a positive presence in hospitals. This is because the new kiosk technology is more efficient and can do so much more that previous generations.  The article names kiosks as “engaging, versatile, and far-reaching.” Wayfinding, for example, provides patients with pinpoint precision to any desired location in hospital’s facilities. Not only can some kiosks provide diagnosis through Internet video, other kiosks (like those offered by PatientWay) can provide full registration and check-in to appointments, insurance verification, and payment options.


“Skepticism about kiosks is now being replaced with wholehearted enthusiasm by an increasing number of healthcare professionals, patients, and providers.“


The article continues to debunk common kiosk myths.  These include there being less face-to-face time between patients and healthcare providers, or that patients need to spend large amounts of time filling out data.  In reality, kiosks improve the Patient Experience everywhere.  The article goes on to show that the use of kiosks means that the sickest patients gain more time with healthcare physicians and healthcare professionals are able to manage their workloads more efficiently. Streamlining the check-in process with kiosks hugely improves the patient experience particularly for patients arriving during high volume periods. Less face-to-face time comes from reduced physical paperwork obligations as clinics can have a streamlined system to transfer patient information in seconds. “Confusion results from not fully understanding the power of well-applied technology to connect people rather than separate them.”


PatientWay parallels the message to healthcare readers and providers. Check-in kiosks like those provided by PatientWay are a well-proven technology that the healthcare industry is noticing and improving upon for the best outcomes for patients and hospitals alike.

PatientWay Hospital Kiosk Case Study

Written by Jay Lawrence on April 1st, 2014. Posted in Canadian Healthcare, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Patient Access Services, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service

In November we posted an article about PatientWay’s pilot project with St. Joseph’s Ambulatory Care Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. The hospital clinic was experiencing a high rate of returning patients and required additional support services during high volume times. The PatientWay registration kiosk was installed in October 2013, providing two major benefits to the hospital: satisfied patients and shorter wait times. We now have a printable case study of St. Joseph’s kiosk installation and successful integration with their MEDITECH MAGIC system.

Click the following link to view the Case Study: Hospital Kiosk Case Study: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Centre

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