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Patients are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare. By making patients a more active part of the registration and check-in process, healthcare organizations can gain significant time and cost savings, while increasing patient and staff satisfaction.

We make it easy for patients to participate – that is what we do.

From day one, the PatientWay team has strived to enhance the healthcare system with emerging technologies. Economic realities are forcing healthcare providers to do more with the same. Meanwhile, today’s patients expect to receive the same level of convenience that they are currently receiving from other service industries (banking, travel, shopping, etc). Making the healthcare system work more efficiently is what motivates our team.

The only way that a process improvement initiative is going to work is by utilizing emerging technologies - that’s what PatientWay brings to the table. We streamline patient access through web, kiosk and mobile apps.

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Who are we?

The PatientWay team is building on the experience gained working with 1,800 healthcare organizations in Ontario since 2004. We developed and maintain the Ontario government’s most innovative and reliable accountability reporting systems. Our operational expertise combined with the insight that was gained into hospital processes and information systems led to the creation of PatientWay in 2009.

The PatientWay Suite is our integrated bundle of applications that streamlines the flow of information about patients from their primary care physician through to the clinical area of a hospital. It manages referrals, provides online scheduling and pre-registration, as well as reminders and check-in kiosks.

Our ability to deliver software, hardware and process improvement consulting services, and or experience in integrating with information systems such as McKesson, Oasis and Cerner, gives hospitals and other providers a turnkey service that is unique in North America.

We understand that every organization is unique. Our applications are carefully engineered to be easy to install, integrate, operate and maintain. Extensively flexible, PatientWay’s software adapts to each hospital’s distinct way of operating.

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We are making the case for patient self-service technology

As more and more healthcare organizations implement PatientWay technology to enable their process improvement initiatives, the business case for patient self-service technology is becoming clearer. See an infographic that illustrates what we have learned from our current users.

We make it easy for health organizations to work with us!

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