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5 Steps to Streamlined Registrations – Part 4 of 5

Written by John Jahrstorfer on September 26th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Hospital process redesign, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay, Uncategorized

Step 4 – Controlled Go-Live

Changing patient flow and registration process is a major change to how your facility operates. After carefully testing your new process, both manually, and then with the support of technology, you’re ready to put real patients through the paces. A controlled go-live will make everyone’s life easier.

Arrange with volunteer services to have a few more on hand and briefed on the change that is about to happen. When the time arrives start by asking a patient if they would be willing to go through a new registration process. Escort the patient through the process and carefully observe that it flows as expected. Watch how much assistance the patient requires and in general how smoothly it flows.

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Once you have walked patients through the new process a few times you will be ready to step back and see the new process work for itself. After a reasonable number of successes you will be able to let the process fall to operate on its own and seek help if there is an issue.

Based on the success of this controlled go-live you will be able to make a decision to either a) keep it in operation or b) return to the original process while you readjust the new process. Ideally you will be in a position to keep the new process but it is important to plan for when things don’t work out as you had expected them.

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