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5 Steps to Streamlined Registrations – Part 1 of 5

Written by John Jahrstorfer on September 5th, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Hospital process redesign, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay, Uncategorized

Step 1 – Understand Your Current State

How do you eat an elephant? Easy…one bite at a time!

If you’re responsible for 100 clinical areas and process 50,000 patients a month (or ale at it seems that way) you know there’s a problem but you’re not sure where. First, pick an area that you know has issues and if it gets fixed it will be noticed. High volume repeat visits are a good starting place to look.

Next assemble an ad-hoc team to walk through the process and understand what are the steps new and returning patients follow. Methodologies like LEAN are excellent in understanding how you do business today. Consider seeking out the help of someone who knows LEAN or another process engineering methodology.

Additional factors to consider in your current state

  • Patient volumes per staff member
  • Non-clinical to clinical real- estate ratio
  • Patient flow from being parked to first clinical encounter
  • Patient communication prior to arriving
  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Patient Satisfaction rates
  • Frontline staff satisfaction

Muda: The Seven Wastes in LEAN 

  • Delay: Delay on the part of patients waiting for service
  • Duplication: Duplication. Having to re-enter data, repeat details on forms, answer queries from several sources within the same organization, etc.
  • Unnecessary Movement: Queuing several times, lack of “one-stop shopping”
  • Unclear Communication: Seeking clarification, wasting time finding a location that may result in additional waste to assist.
  • Lost Inventory: Inventory…The patient forgets or is unable to arrive for their scheduled appointment, perishable items such as isotopes are lost.
  • Opportunity Lost: An opportunity lost to satisfy patients such as a failure to establish rapport, ignoring patients, perceived unfriendliness and rudeness.
  • Errors: Errors in the service transaction such as data entry


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