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5 Steps to Streamlined Registrations – Part 5 of 5

Written by John Jahrstorfer on October 3rd, 2014. Posted in Healthcare strategy, Healthcare Technology, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital management, Hospital process redesign, Patient registrations, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay

Step 5 – Expand the Scope

After running through Steps 1 through 4 you will have learned a lot. At this point if you were to go back and do it again, would you take a different approach? Chances are you would say yes. The good news is, now is your chance. Take your learnings, go back and expand the scope of your improvements with more confidence, innovation and expertise. Before you know it you will have transformed how your facility handles its patients.

Southlake’s Experience

Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket implemented a system that is “making it faster for patients to register and check in for appointments, including out-patient tests, clinic visits and surgical procedures”.

Located in a designated high-growth area (York Region and South Simcoe – North of Toronto), Southlake is a 365 bed hospital that has seen a quadrupling in size over the past 10 years and handled approximately 600,000 visits in 2009. They implemented a new system last summer, and according to hospital staff “the system, which includes at-home pre-registration, as well as self-serve electronic kiosks and Welcome Centres on-site, is speeding up wait times by as much as 75 per-cent and saving the hospital as much as $400,000 annually”.

Southlake knew that it needed to embrace technology and a process redesign to keep pace with this explosive growth. Led by Judy Dewsbury, Manager, Patient Access, a project was undertaken to centralize scheduling and registration. Partnered with PatientWay, Southlake rolled out their new program over a six month trial period that began in their Cataract Clinic. The program proved to be such a success that it has now been implemented throughout the hospital. Southlake proudly touts their system with the slogan of “Welcome, we have been expecting you…” at key points in the hospital.

Southlake’s Chief Operating Officer at the time of implementation, Peter Finkle, explained that check-in times on day of procedure had improved to “three minutes from eight minutes” on average and he believed “the new technology would provide Southlake with an effective and creative solution to raise the bar in patient service, while increasing the efficiency of the hospital at the same time”.

The immediate benefits of the new technology included “improving the accuracy of patient registration data, expediting patient processing, and improving patient satisfaction as well as hospital productivity”.

Practical experience at Southlake Regional Health Centre

After an extensive review of current industry practice, combined with an internal process review, Southlake concluded that a semi-centralized model with “Welcome Centres” located at key entry points to the hospital and supported by a centralized scheduling and preregistration team would yield efficiencies and patient flow simplification.

Here’s how the process works:

Using a two-step registration process a patient will pre-register on-line prior to their arrival. Upon arrival at the hospital on appointment day the patient can decide to swipe their ID card (health card, drivers license, etc.) at a user-friendly touch–screen “Express Check-in” kiosk or to visit a Welcome Centre for personal service. Regardless of which method the patient chooses, the hospital is notified of their arrival and ready for their appointment.

After a full year of using the new patient self-service system, the project generated several positive outcomes:

  • 30% reduction in registration staff (redistributed 12 FTEs from the area of patient registrations to other functions within the hospital)
  • 50% reduction in registration data errors
  • 60% reduction in time to see a registration clerk
  • Substantial reduction in the time to check-in to the hospital
  • $400K annual operational savings

Because Southlake is aware that not all patients are technologically savvy, they established three on-sitr Welcome Centre’s to provide more traditional personal service. Peter Finkle assed that the Welcome Centres “are meant to transform the patient registration process upon arrival at the hospital from an administrative to a patient-centred approach of “Welcome, we re expecting you.”.

More and more hospitals and physician practices are adopting new technologies, including check-in kiosks and patient web portals. The majority of physicians polled said they will have electronic health records in place by 2013, which will surely drive the adoption of complementary applications that will streamline several processes including the patient registration and check-in experience. The time is now for Hospitals, Clinics and Physician practices to implement Patient Self Service solutions! The case is too strong not to invest in this technology.

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