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Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

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On Tuesday, August 12th 2014 The Ottawa Hospital went “live” and joined the growing list of customers who are installing  Check-In and/or Wayfinding kiosks provided by the Access Management software company, PatientWay. There are many benefits seen by patients, staff and hospital administration when implementing both check-in and wayfinding kiosks…lets take a closer look at Wayfinding kiosks specifically.

 Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

The Ottawa Hospital Wayfinding & Information kiosk

It’s a fact, patients and visitors can easily get lost and frustrated in a big campus or unfamiliar hospital environment.

  • Why can’t we easily show visitors how to navigate multiple buildings?
  • Why do hospital marketing departments spend too much of their precious budget on replacing ever changing signage?
  • Why are hospital staff members hanging hand written notes over outdated signs which originally cost thousands of dollars to produce and install?
  • Why do we assume all patients and visitors are comfortable navigating in English?

Key Features of Wayfinding and Information kiosks:

  • Find your destination: Patient Rooms, Offices, Conference Rooms, Departments, Security, Pharmacy, Billing and more…
  • Find a person: Doctors, Administrators, Executive Assistants, Pharmacists, and more…
  • Locate Dining and other services
  • Multi-step printing
  • Feedback service
  • Multiple language capability
  • ADA Accessibility/compliant
  • Emergency messaging
  • Completely customizable to your hospital’s needs and requirements
  • And much, much more…

Why are more customers choosing PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosks?

The PatientWay Wayfinding module, part of the PatientWay Suite, is a patient-friendly system to obtain directions to their clinic. Hospitals constantly change so we’ve designed Wayfinding so that it is easy to update the maps, routes and destinations. PatientWay Wayfinding also provides staff and patient directories as well as helpful resources around the hospital. PatientWay’s Wayfinding Kiosks provide your patients and visitors a friendly and modern self-service resource for finding clinics, services, and staff at your hospital. Kiosks make everybody feel welcome at your hospital by working natively in up to 65 languages.

wayfinding screenshot 293 172x300 Why The Ottawa Hospital just installed a PatientWay Wayfinding & Information kiosk

Screen shot of PatientWay wayfinding software

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