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Patients Prefer Self Service – Hospital Kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on March 20th, 2014. Posted in Hospital kiosk, Patient Access Services, Patient satisfaction, Patient Self-Service, Uncategorized

We found this interesting infographic on Kiosk Marketplace and Self-Service World highlighting the consumer demand for self-service convenience when faced with pesky lines and wait times. Hospitals currently have a low penetration, but this is rapidly changing as more and more hospitals meet the demands from patients for instant access and convenience in any place, at any time.

Infographic1 75x300 Patients Prefer Self Service   Hospital Kiosks

Integration of kiosks into a hospital may seem like a difficult project, but PatientWay’s implementation team works diligently with all stakeholders, (including advisory groups, volunteers and IT departments) to ensure a seamless integration and deployment of our kiosks.  Notice that the infographic mentions the kiosk in St. Joseph’s Ambulatory Care?  This was a PatientWay project, using our kiosks and our unique software. To find out more on this implementation click here!

PatientWay Rescue Project for Oakland County Hospital Kiosks

Written by Jay Lawrence on March 12th, 2014. Posted in Canadian Healthcare, Electronic medical records, Hospital information systems, Hospital kiosk, Hospital process redesign, Patient Access Services, Patient Self-Service, PatientWay

Three years ago Oakland County Hospital in Detroit, Michigan implemented a new self-service kioskfor patients to check-in for appointments on arrival. The system was practical but when bugs became apparent and screens changes needed to be addressed the original vendor walked away from system support. As a result, Oakland County asked PatientWay in conjunction with Slabb to provide a new solution.

PatientWay implemented a simple, easy to use, and upgradeddesign interface to the hospital’s kiosks. PatientWay’s design elements included clear, simple, and vision impaired compatible colouring.   This can be seen in the screen shows below that provide a comparison of the before and after the upgrade:

Front Screen

Previous Screen                                                     PatientWay Screen

Screen Shot 2014 03 04 at 11.34.36 AM PatientWay Rescue Project for Oakland County Hospital Kiosks

At first glance the previous interface has a seemingly simple design but the clear instruction that the kiosks were there for Patients to Register or Check-in had become lost.  PatientWay’s intuitive and focused homepage clearly tells a patient that they are registering into a clinical department and promotes branding awareness for the hospital.

These next two examples also provide good examples of the clarity of PatientWay’s interface.

Choosing a Procedure

Previous Screen                                                     PatientWay Screen Untitled PatientWay Rescue Project for Oakland County Hospital Kiosks

Entering your name

Previous Screen                                                     PatientWay Screen Untitled1 PatientWay Rescue Project for Oakland County Hospital Kiosks

On 24 February 2014, the newly designed interface and flow went live with PatientWay Check-in and Registration Hospital Kiosks. The feedback from Bobby Macedo, Product manager was positive with comments from patients and customers like “Ooh, this is so much better” and “this is way easier than before”.

PatientWay was very happy to work with Bobby Macedo, Oakland’s Project Manager; Katy Phipps, Head of IT and Leigh-Anne Stafford, MSA Chief.

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